Can I Need Kidney Transplant If I Have FSGS

FSGS may be caused by many pathogenic factors, including poison damage, alterations in humoral immunity or blood circulation, the deposits of immune complexes in kidneys, etc. Many of these conditions lead a lot of harmful substances to stay in the blood. What’s worse, less blood circulation into kidneys, resulting in renal ischemia and anoxia. Finally, kidney scarring seems to provoke FSGS.

When kidneys lose their functions, dialysis and kidney transplant usually end up being the first couple of choices. And kidney transplant might be more preferred, for it enables you to live a better life. But kidney transplant is not suitable for everyone. The reason why FSGS returns is the fact that FSGS is definitely an auto-immune disease, if you may take the place from the damaged kidney, you can’t alter the disordered immune system. As long as the brand new kidney is defined into the body, it will be attacked again. Then will it mean dialysis is better than kidney transplant? No. Should you still have urine output plus some kidney function, you are able to try taking some anything else into consideration.

Ayurvedic treatment isn’t just one therapy, since it adopts not only natural medicines but also blood purification, massage, medical oils, diet modification, breathing exercises, etc. Because of this, ayurvedic treatment, compared with conventional therapies for example steroids and immunosuppressants, is capable of the following

therapeutic effects.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is dependant on TCM. This is a natural treatment and there is no side-effect to the body. This therapy can help to eliminate the immune complex and extracellular matrixes effectively. It also has the purpose of anti-inflammation, also it can enhance the blood circulation within the kidneys and prevent the development of thrombosis. On the other hand, there are some special substances within the therapy which could provide abundant nutrients to correct the kidney function and boost the immunity of the entire body.


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