Treatment for FSGS with Creatinine 4.9

Creatinine of 4.9 means the condition is already in stage 4 chronic kidney disease, the second advanced stage of kidney disease. A person with stage 4 CKD has advanced kidney damage with a severe decrease in glomerular filtration rate level to 15-30ml/min. Creatinine of 4.9 is just one of symptoms of FSGS. If it can not be treated from the root cause, more severe problems will happen.

How to treat high creatinine 4.9 and edema in FSGS?


Patients with FSGS should have a low protein diet. Because creatinine is found to mostly exist in rich protein food, for example meat. However, they can have more intake of high quality protein food such as fish, milk. High quality protein can produce few wastes and supply essential amino acid. And they should have a low salt diet. Because high blood pressure is a common complication of FSGS. High blood pressure does harm to kidney function, leading to more severe edema and high creatinine level. Finally, due to edema, they should limit water or fluids.

2. Exercise

Taking regular exercise can be beneficial to patients with FSGS. Jogging, walking and swimming are good choices.

3.Blood purification

Blood purification is a nonspecific treatment method.Based on the types of waste products in blood and kidney damage degree, corresponding blood purification method will be applied to eliminate waste products from body.It can lower creatinine 4.9 effectively, but has no significance in improving renal function in FSGS.


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