Kidney Shrinkage: Cause, Symptoms, Treatment, Diet

Normally we all have two kidneys while using the dimensions of 10-12length, 5-6 width and 3-4 thickness. Under normal circumstances the right kidney is a bit smaller as opposed to left kidney. Of cause nobody have the same large kidneys and the kidney size has much with regards to a person’ s age, gender, excess weight and height.


Kidney shrinkage migh result from two main causes. Congenital malformation and Chronic Kidney Disease.

– congenital malformation. A number of kidney shrinkage comes about when the infant are born. The congenital malformation relates to the best of life and healthy condition of mother, and it may affect function as affected genes. The people tend to be common to get kidney shrinkage than other people.

– Kidney Disease. In most cases, kidney shrinkage leads to kidney problems, especially chronic kidney disease. Kidney disease damage nephrons and glomeruli necrosis will produce kidney shrinkage gradually. Individuals who have problems with CKD stage 4, Kidney Failure, Diabetic Nephropathy and Hypertensive Nephropathy are at higher risk to have kidney shrinkage.


Since kidney shrinkage is one indicator on the diminished kidney functioning tissues, people are more prone to experience several symptoms the following:

– Swelling: Fluid retention might appear in patients’ face, legs, feet, head and several other loose tissues easily.

– Hematuria: Urine presents red, black or tea-colored actually there is blood in urine.

– Back problems: Back or flank pain is indeed one symptom of kidney shrinkage.

– Elevated blood pressure: Generally, the more severe patients’ illness condition, the bigger blood pressure.

– Fatigue: It usually is a result of renal anemia or deposits of uremic toxins.

– Nausea, vomiting, skin itching, and other symptoms


The therapy for shrinking kidneys targets boosting the damaged kidneys and preventing further renal sclerosis. Kinesiology treatment with a lot of nutritive substances and materials resist renal inflammation, accelerate blood and nutrient supplement, and detoxicate the kidneys, thus raising the improvement of damaged kidneys and stops further shrinking on the kidneys. Kinesiology treatment methods are included into natural treatment plans, on the list of ancient treatment solutions on this planet but now is included and studied under medicine science.


Since kidney shrinkage is a bit more more likely to indicate kidneys cannot work correctly, nutrition is needed to slow up the burden on kidneys. Therefore, we hand out several general dietary suggestions.

– Enjoy a low-sodium diet

– Adhere to a low-protein diet with high-quality protein

– Add omega-3 fatty acid in your diet

– Consume proper amount of potassium and phosphorus

– Avoid purine-containing foods

– Drink correct quantity water


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