Can FSGS Patients Eat Mango

Can FSGS Patients Eat Mango

Can FSGS Patients Eat Mango

Mango is one common fruit containing a large amount of fluid, vitamin C, vitamin B6, soluble fiber, copper, potassium, etc. These nutritions just evaluate if FSGS patients can consume mango. However, the answer will be complex, because patients’ illness conditions consist of recommendations. Because of this, some patients can eat this fruit, even though some other patients can’t.

Together with helping stop vomit and bad appetite in addition to relieving a cough to avoid flu, first and foremost, mango contains rich carotene which enables you to keep and promote the immune use of our system. What is the immune function? Generally, it truly is to shield against infections, to injured and dead cells, and to maintain its physiological balance. It truly is famous that FSGS is usually an auto-immune disease. Cellular this, eating mango properly could bring lots of benefits for FSGS patients.

Furthermore, patients who definitely have high blood pressure may also try some mango, because mango contains rich potassium that will lower high blood pressure.

Mango isn’t good for FSGS patients:

1. Because mango is containing more potassium and for FSGS patients whose potassium level is high, it isn’t suggested you can eat mango.

2. For patients with FSGS and diabetes, that they better keep away from mango mainly because it contains dangerous of sugar.


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