How to Treat High Blood Pressure in FSGS

FSGS is actually a ailment that causes urinary decrease in protein and eventual scarring with the glomerular filters of the kidney. Without effective treatment, the infection can result in many complications, just like elevated blood pressure. So, how you can treat the symptom?

Try taking a little drugs

The normal anti-hypertensive prescription medication is ACEI and ARBs. These drugs can control the blood pressure into a degrees. Usually, patients will combine diuretics in order to prevent the effects.

Hot Compress Therapy

The core purpose of the technique will be to improve renal function. While in the course, FSGS patients need to lie around the bed, as well as bags loaded with shattered medicines are positioned beneath the patients’ back. Then, through the help of osmosis device, the effective ingredients in the medicines may be absorbed by kidney lesions adequately.

Mostly, the medicines can dilate bloodstream, improve the flow of blood, repair tissues and cells to rebuild a normal kidney structure. Then is often a normal renal structure, high blood pressure levels could possibly be controlled. It is hopeful to relieve the illness condition of FSGS.

A good diet

FSGS patients needs to keep a small salt diet, because excessive salt will aggravate high blood pressure levels, and can cause cardiovascular disease. They need to also limit the consumption of fat and protein, massive protein can boost the burden of failed kidneys and cause further renal damage.

They will take more fresh vegetables and fruit to supply abundant vitamin. Also, some moderate physical exercises are also necessary, for instance yoga, Tai Chi, jogging, walking, and so forth.


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