The Treatment of FSGS

How is FSGS diagnosed?

With information obtained from blood tests, urine tests and a kidney biopsy, a physician can determine if a person has FSGS.

What is the treatment for FSGS?

Very few treatments are available for patients with FSGS. Most commonly, patients are treated with drugs called steroids and with blood pressure medicines. Prednisone and prednisolone are the most common steroid medicines used to treat FSGS. Some patients respond well to other medicines that suppress the immune system. To date, there is no treatment that is effective for every person with FSGS. Patients who do not respond to routine therapies are at risk for kidney failure.

Currently there are no FDA approved treatments, but usually a steroid called prednisone or prednisolone,is given to control proteinuria.

Your nephrologist may also recommend:

Medications that suppress your immune system

Diuretics and low salt diet help to control edema

A medication that blocks a hormone system called the renin angiotensin system (ACE inhibitor or ARB) to control blood pressure or lower urine protein

Anticoagulants to prevent blood clots

Statins to lower the cholesterol level


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