Natural Remedies for PKD

There are many natural treatments for polycystic Kidney disease and people must know the right one to get completely cured from this disease. Even chronic kidney failure can be cured by choosing the right natural treatment that is capable of reversing polycystic kidney disease.

The treatment for the Polycystic Kidney disease must depend on the root of the problem that has lead to the kidney damage.

Osmotherapy as a natural treatment for PKD

Osmotherapy is one of the herbal-based natural treatments for polycystic kidney disease and is known as micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy. It is administered externally, rather than the traditional oral forms of treatments.

The herbs are grinded into powder form and collected into medical gauze pockets called herbal pocket or herbal bag. The herbal pockets are socked into a particular penetrant, and then heated. The process helps the herbal ingredients to come out. The herbal bags are then applied on the patient’s waist area, and with the permeated into the patient’s kidney lesions through osmosis.

The herbal bags help alleviate the symptoms of PKD by repairing damaged kidney tissues and improving kidney functions. More importantly, these herbal pockets help shrink the kidney cysts naturally within one to three months.


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