What Are Simple Renal Cyst and Complex Renal Cyst

Renal(Kidney) cysts are round pouches of fluid that form in the kidneys. Kidney cysts can be associated with serious disorders that may impair kidney function.Renal cyst can be classified into simple renal cyst and complex renal cyst.When it comes to kidney cyst causes, there are no actual findings on why it occurs. However, some factors can be because of the genes. Meaning, it can be inherited. Further, it can be because of age. As you grow older, there is a possibility that cysts may form in your kidneys and as years pass; your kidney size may grow abnormally because the cyst grows larger at the same time.Bear in mind that kidney cyst causes may grow outside or inside the kidneys and it may affect one or both.

Simple renal cyst

Simple kidney cysts are abnormal, fluid-filled sacs that form in the kidneys. Simple kidney cysts are different from the cysts that develop when a person has PKD, which is a genetic disorder. Simple kidney cysts do not enlarge the kidneys, replace their normal structure, or cause reduced kidney function like cysts do in people with PKD.

What are the symptoms of simple renal cyst

Simple kidney cysts usually do not cause symptoms.However the cysts become a problem if they rupture and start to bleed, become infected, or grow so large that they push against other organs within the abdomen.With age, they will increase both in numbers and sizes, as a result, the enlarged cysts will oppress the nearby renal tissues and cause decline of kidney function.When simple kidney cysts do cause symptoms, they might include:

1.Become infected, causing fever, chills.

2.Frequent urination

3.Impair kidney function

4.Pain in the side between the ribs and hip

5.back pain,bleeding, fever.

How to treat simple renal cyst

In most cases, simple kidney cysts do not need to be treated. However, if a cyst is putting too much pressure on another organ or is affecting the way a kidney works, it might be necessary to shrink or remove the cyst. There are two procedures that are most commonly used to treat simple kidney cysts:

1.A doctor punctures the cyst with a long needle inserted through the skin, using ultrasound for guidance.

2.Surgery to remove a cyst can usually be done laparoscopically, using thin instruments inserted through small holes in the abdomen. During surgery, the doctor first drains the cyst and then cuts or burns away the cyst itself.

3.Lifestyle changes and Dietary changes.More exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less junk food.

Complex Renal Cyst

Complex renal cysts manifest in many disorders and diseases. These incidences include polycystic kidney disease, medullary sponge kidney and medullary cystic disorder. They also appear in the diseases such as cysts of the renal sinus and acquired cystic kidney disease. They are also found in patients with chronic kidney failure and multilocular cysts, which is also referred to as multilocular cystic nephroma.

What are the symtpoms of Complex renal ctst

1.urinary tract infection

2.Blood in Urine

3.Poor Sleep Quality

4.Nausea, Vomiting

How to treat Complex renal cyst

1.Dialysis.This may be done at home or in a dialysis unit. You can choose to learn to do as little or as much of your own treatment as you wish.

2.Hot compress therapy.It is created on the basis of TCM dating back to thousands of years ago, but used externally. And its’ functions are: By increasing the permeability of cystic wall and changing the inner and outer pressure difference of cyst wall, the cystic fluid can move into urine


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