How to Control High Creatinine Levels

The normal level of creatinine for adults is 0.5-1.2. If your level of creatinine is much higher than normal, you should see your doctor, as it is a sign that your kidney doesn’t work properly and its function is lost. A healthy diet can help to lower the levels of creatinine. You should eat low-protein, low-creatine foods, and to avoid salt. There are foods that you should eat more often


One of the most helpful things that people with high creatinine can do to preserve renal function is to control their blood pressures. The kidneys are primarily made from vascular tissue. In addition to renal arteries, the glomeruli, or filters, are simply nests of tiny capillaries. These tissues are destroyed by hypertension, which is endemic in this population. In addition to taking blood pressure medications, eating a low-sodium diet is beneficial.


Eat more carrots. They are healthy vegetables for those that have kidney disease and heart problems. Carrot is nutritious and rich in various vitamins and minerals, like calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and more. This magic veggie can help to treat kidney infections and protect kidney functions.


Phosphorus levels often become elevated as the kidneys are unable to regulate phosphorus content in the blood. One of the first symptoms of high phosphorus levels is uncontrollable itching. These high levels are is dangerous because phosphorus in the blood leaches calcium from the bones. Doctors use the term renal osteodystrophy to describe the bone damage that results. Patients with high phosphorus levels can prevent this from occurring by eating a low-phosphorous diet and taking drugs called phosphorus binders when they eat. High phosphorus foods to avoid include milk and milk products, chocolate, beer, organ meats, dried beans and other legumes.

4.Soy products

Add tofu and soy milk to your diet. These foods will help to decrease the levels of creatinine. Some studies have shown that soy foods can help to treat kidney disease. Soybeans have a low glycemic index and that makes them healthy for those who suffer from diabetes. While you should focus on eating low-protein foods, soy products are perfect for you.


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