Latest Treatment for Membranous Nephropathy in 2014

Membranous Nephropathy is not an easy disease to treat. Anyone with this disease should be seen regularly by a kidney specialist.The goal of treatment is to reduce symptoms and slow the progression of the disease.Controlling blood pressure is the most important way to delay kidney damage. Here, I mainly introduce Immunotherapy therapy and compress therapy.

What is Immunotherapy

Immune blocking After precise diagnosis, the latest immunosuppressive drugs will be applied to help achieve the goal of immune blocking and with less adverse effects.

Immune clearance As the illness condition varies, different technologies will be taken to eliminate the harmful substances in the blood effectively.

Immune tolerance The core of this step is to prevent the relapse of inflammatory reaction and protect intrinsic cells from being damaged again.

Immune regulation With the help of traditional Chinese medicine, it can help promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. On the other hand, they can help reinforce Qi and nourish blood so as to enhance the immunity of the body.

Immune protection The core of this procedure is to protect inherent kidney cells and get the normal immune system rebuilt.

What is compress therapy.

Hot compress therapy It is an innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, but used externally. During course, two bags filled with micronized herbs will be placed at the lower back area and patients just need to lie in bed comfortably.

Then, with the help of osmosis device, active material of the herbs can act on the kidney lesion directly. By improving blood circulation, reducing inflammatory reaction, anti-coagulation and providing nutritions for the damaged kidneys. The goal of cleaning the toxins, recovering the original qi and improving kidney function can be achieved ultimately.


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