IgA Nephropathy Diet Tips

IgA Nephropathy Diet TipsIgA Nephropathy is not simply a kidney disease but rather an immunological disorder that affects the kidneys, as diabetes is an immunological disorder that affects the pancreas. It may also be a disease, like diabetes, that affects the micro blood vessels. If true, this would explain some common extra-renal symptoms, such as headaches, temporary vision problems, and difficulties concentrating.When their renal function is reducing or insufficient, patients need to limit the intake of salt, protein and water. The following are the aspects needing attention on diet for IgA Nephropathy patients.

1.Your doctor may want to put you on a low-salt diet to minimize stress of the kidneys and prevent excess fluid retention that would strain your heart. This is especially likely if you have shown signs of edema or hypertension. Even if you are not showing such signs, a low-sodium diet may be a good idea. It won’t hurt and it may well help, particularly for those being treated with prednisone, which tens to make the body retain sodium. How strict a diet is the question.

2.Eat more food rich in vitamin, such as fresh vegetables and fruits which are alkaline food, so they can provide a variety of vitamins and promote the recovery of renal function.

3.Eat less protein. Reducing the amount of protein you eat and taking steps to decrease your cholesterol levels may help slow the progression of IgA nephropathy and protect your kidneys.

Besides, when IgA Nephropathy Patients have symptom of anemia they should supplement food abundant with iron. In addition, patients should avoid eating pluck, seafood, drinking wine or stimulating food such as hot pepper.


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