Top 15 Healthy Foods for End-stage renal disease(ESRD)

Top 15 Healthy Foods for End-stage renal disease(ESRD)End-stage renal disease is the complete or almost complete failure of the kidneys to work. The kidneys remove waste and excess water from the body.Here’s how you can start and end your day with protein rich foods, that are also natural and fresh in nature. The ideal amount of protein one needs to include, is about 1g – 1.5 g for every kilogram of body weight a day.


2.Fruit salad


4.Chicken salad with olive oil


6.Milk (low-fat)

7.Orange juice



10.Egg whites



13.Sweet potato



End-stage renal disease is often preventable with the proper control of blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood glucose, in combination with appropriate medications. For patients who have progressed to the requirement of dialysis, morbidity and mortality can be reduced and quality of life enhanced through adherence to an appropriate dietary and medical regimen, along with regular physical activity.


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