Is Radish Good in People with Chronic Kidney Disease

Is Radish Good in People with Chronic Kidney DiseaseThose with CKD face great challenges in terms of health. This is because the amounts of food that they can eat are very limited .The health rewards of radish have been recognized by numerous people. It is not just used as a food product, but also a medicine. It is good for chronic kidney disease(CKD).Then,what are the benefits of radish for CKD patients?

1.As a disinfectant, cleanser and diuretic, they can take away toxins and wastes which accumulate in the kidneys so as to reduce their building-up in the blood. In addition, they will also protect their kidney from infection.

2.Treating constipation.When CKD patients develop into Kidney Failure stage or are on Dialysis, constipation may trouble them a lot. Radish can facilitate digestion and cure constipation and gives relief in piles. Its juice also soothes the digestive and excretory system and this also relieves constipation.

3.Radish can control elevated blood sugar level so as to help slow down CKDprogression. Moreover, white radish can enhance CKD patients’ immunity and improve their disease-resistance ability.

In addition to drinking a daily dose of radish juice helps in flushing out the kidney stones from your body. Also chewing or eating radish leaves tremendously helps patients being affected by the problem of kidney stones.


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