Why CKD Patients Feel Fatigue

Why CKD Patients Feel FatigueFatigue is one of the common symptoms that many stage 3 CKD patients suffer from.In truth, fatigue in patient with stage 3 CKD is primarily brought on by anemia, and it can cause patient to feel tired on a regular basis, that can damage patient’s life quality greatly.In stage 3 CKD, the damaged kidneys fail to work adequately, then, there will be less EPO and red blood cells. If left untreated, anemia will come into being.

How to alleviate fatigue in CKD?

If your body is low in iron or vitamins, you should take an iron supplement or vitamin supplement

Healthy Diet To help remedy anemia, a correct weight loss program is very significant. Here, I suggest patients to nibble on some grain, fruits and vegetables, but not all of the fruits and vegetables are suggested, as some are loaded in potassium or phosphorus.

Western medicine is effective in controlling patient’s condition, but the improvement of patient’s kidney function relies on patient’s body condition.

Besides, Chinese herbs will also be suggested to treat anemia. They can dilate arteries to be able to promote blood circulation. While using the improvement of blood circulation, ischemia and anoxia of kidney issues improve. These herbs usually improve kidney function and repair the damaged kidneys. When your kidney returns into a normal state, you’ll not feel tired.


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