Can IgA Nephropathy Cause Baldness

Can IgA Nephropathy Cause Hair LossIgA nephropathy is an immune disorder which causes IgA immune complexes depositing in the glomeruli.Can IgA Nephropathy cause hair loss?IgA nephropathy usually does not cause hair loss. Since hair loss is not a symptom of IgA nephropathy, but it does not mean patients will certainly suffer no hair loss.Some have reasons can causes hair loss in Iga Nephropathy.

1.Malnutrition.Those with moderate or end-stage IgA nephropathy will have a poor appetite and restricted kidney diet. This makes patients’ dietary protein sources not adequate. Since hair is made up of protein, protein deficiency, or malnutrition, might result in hair loss directly.

2.Side effects of medicines.By way of example, immunosuppressive agents are normally help to avoid further kidney damage in IgA nephropathy. But unfortunately, such a drug can disturb our body’s defence mechanism and therefore cause hair loss directly.

3.Zinc deficiency: It is related to baldness at some reasons for example poor appetite and a diet with low Zinc.

The last should note is the fact kidney function improvement is really a guarantee for patients’ all around health. Therefore, kidney repairing treatments also needs to be sought. As long as your kidney function level increased, you possibly can accept fewer symptoms and discomforts.


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