Membranous Nephropathy: Foods to Eat and Avoid

Membranous Nephropathy: Foods to Eat and Avoid

Membranous nephropathy is an autoimmune disorder with inflammation of filters in kidneys,which diminishes their ability to filter blood. As the kidneys fail to remove wastes and extra fluids from body, it is important for them to adjust their daily diet. What are the healthy foods for people with membranous nephropathy?

1.High-quality protein foods: Extra intake of protein will increase the workload of kidneys. However, they are able to eat some top quality protein foods to meet up with principle needs in the body. Like, fish, lean meat, ovalbumin etcetera. There are plenty of, just how much mustn’t be very much.

2.Healthy kidneys can convert vitamin D from foods to active form plus the active vitamin D are going to be utilized by one’s body. However, when the kidneys fail to work, vitamin D supplement is required. The recommended dietary allowance of vitamin D is 15mcg per day for adults ages 19 to 70 a number of 20mcg each day for adults age 71 years and older.

Should avoid certain foods

1A diet low in salt content should be followed if swelling occurs in membranous nephropathy.The patients are recommended to consume no more than 1500mg of sodium a day.

2.Spicy foods, stimulating foods, coffee, alcohol, high-potassium foods, etc


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