Is It Ok to Eat Banana with Kidney Disease

Is It Ok to Eat Banana with Kidney DiseaseBanana is one kind of favourite fruits for many people.Bananas have soft pulp and take delicious.Is banana good for patients with kidney disease? Many patients with kidney disease have this question. Banana has delicious taste, but patients with kidney disease always have many restrictions in their diet.unfortunately, kidney disease or kidney dysfunction patients are not advised to eat bananas. And now follow us to find the relative reasons.

What will happen if kidney disease patients eat bananas?

Bananas contain large amounts of potassium.Electrolyte disturbance usually appears in patients with Renal Failure, that is because kidneys can not maintain electrolyte balance any more. Hyperkalemia is very dangerous, it can cause arhythmia, slow rhythm of the heart, fatigue, numb limb, asphyxia and metabolic acidosis and so on.

Edema occurs which will aggravate patients’ illness conditions.Bananas are rich in sodium salt. If kidney disease or kidney dysfunction patients eat too many bananas, they actually consume more sodium salt. However, their kidneys lose the function of regulating liquid water metabolism, which makes less sodium be removed from their body, so sodium retention will present in their body. In addition, since sodium salt can absorb water and much sodium salt stay in their body, sodium and water will infiltrate tissue space due to the change of osmotic pressure.

Actually there is no a certain food that chronic kidney disease patients should avoid or limit, which depends on patients’ specific symptoms and lab test results. So it is a little inappropriate to say bananas are bad if people have chronic kidney disease.


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