Herbs for Kidney Failure

Herbs for Kidney FailureAs a kidney failure patient, you may have considered the use of herbal products to assist you with various health concerns.Right natural herbs not only help Kidney Failure patients improve their illness condition, but also cause no side effects.The followings are the several natural herbs that can be used to treat Chronic Kidney Failure.

1.Gokshura in Ayurveda traditionally has been used for kidney failure from any reason, Urinary disorder, renal calculi, hypertension, diabetes and to improve libido. It can also improve Vitality and Vigour. Gokhru can increase the number and motility of spermatozoa, and also helps to remove some symptoms related to male menopause.

2.Grape seed is an herb that may help treat your kidney failure. Grapes are native to Asia, although they now grow in North America and Europe. This plant has climbing vines with large, jagged leaves. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, grape seed, also known as Vitis vinifera, has been used for centuries to treat numerous health conditions, including atherosclerosis, elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, poor circulation, edema or swelling, cholera, smallpox, nausea, eye infections and skin, liver and kidney diseases.

3.Astragalus is an herb that may be effective for treating your kidney failure. According to Long Hai Kidney Disease Hospital, astragalus, also known as Astragalus membranaceus, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years as a way to strengthen your body against disease. Astragalus is an adaptogen, or a substance that helps protect your body against various physical stresses. Astragalus is a perennial plant native to the northern and eastern parts of China as well as Mongolia and Korea. The root of the plant is used medicinally.


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