What Mean Creatinine Level 5.1

What Mean Creatinine Level 5.1What Does Creatinine 5.1 Mean And How to Lower High Creatinine? Generally speaking, the cratinine is filtered out of body through kidneys. If we leave out the dietary influence on creatinine level, the kidney damage can cause high creatinine.
Though there are individual differences of serum creatinine according to age, gender, race and muscle mass, creatinine 5.1 is much higher than the normal range and it means that patients already have seriously impaired kidney functions and more than 75% of their renal functional units have been damaged.
Creatinine is a kind of waste product and it should be removed out of body by our kidneys. When kidneys are damaged, this kind of function will decrease. So creatinine can not be eliminated fully any more, it will build up in the blood. So higher the level of serum creatinine is, it means the kidneys are damaged more severely and less kidney function is left.

Proper daily eating can help reduce creatinine 5.1 down or at least prevent further increase. Vegetarian diet which contains a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits and less meat products is good for controlling high creatinine. Though the metabolism of the meat we eat produce just small amount of creatinine, controlling meat intake can reduce strains to serum creatinine and kidneys’ filtration.


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