How to Treat Fluctuating Blood Pressure in CKD

How to Treat Fluctuating Blood Pressure in CKDNormal blood pressure plays a crucial role to maintain daily functional operation of human body, which changes with various factors and causes distinct influences.The blood pressure is very hard to control and it fluctuates a lot. Fluctuating blood pressure is even more dangerous than persistent high level of blood pressure; therefore it is very important to have timely and effective treatments for fluctuating blood pressure.This articles talks about several treatments for this symptoms.

While choosing anti-hypertension medicines, patients should take into account the protection of kidney function and avoidance of any renal toxicity medicines weather hypertension has developed renal damages or not. Researches have found that angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, angiotensin receptor antagonist, calcium channel blockers and beta-blocker can all have the function of protecting kidneys at the same time of lowering blood pressure.

Dialysis.In hemodialysis, the patients need blood circulation out of body so it is very susceptible to affect the haemodynamics resulting in fluctuating blood pressure. In this case, the patients should tell their doctors at once and adjust the dialysis machine properly. Moreover, if the dialysis is performed excessively, it will lead to dehydration.

Blood Pollution Therapy plays a part in Blood Purification, elements supplementation and function regeneration, thus protecting and regenerating nephron from the origin.

Chinese herbal medicine is suggested for it deals with both Fluctuating Blood Pressure and underlying kidney problems by improving kidney functions. And as it uses natural herbs, it causes no side effects on patients.


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