How to Lower High Creatinine in Dialysis Patients

How to Lower High Creatinine in Dialysis PatientsHigh creatinine level is a common sign for Kidney Disease. in prolonging course, the patients find their creatinine rises faster after dialysis, and they will need to do dialysis more frequently.This problem has confused patients for a long time. Don’t worry, the following may give you some suggestions.

1.Chinese Herbal Medicine helps boost the blood circulation, which supplies the damaged kidney cells and tissues with more blood and oxygen, as well as improve their self-cure ability. The herbs for kidney disease differ from person to person.

2.Water.dialysis patients with high creatinine level should pay more attention to the water intake as well if there is no urine outflow or decreased urine. On this occasion, we advise you the fluid intake especially coconut water which helps in healing ailing kidneys by removing excessive wastes and toxins from the body can be increased in your daily life.

However, diet can only help you to slow down the progression of high creatinine level in dialysis patient and it can’t reduce creatinine level from the root. So patients must search for other natural therapies in reducing creatinine level effectively.Micro – Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a Safe therapy.


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