Some Herbal Tea for Kidney Disease

Some Herbal Tea for Kidney DiseaseIf you have kidney disease, some ways of preparing tea are better than others. The nature has given us many herbs, which contribute to improve kidney function. Herbs sometimes can even heal injured kidneys. Herbal tea is a herbal beverage, which can be taken to repair our injured kidneys.
Herbal tea mainly comes from natural herbs including plants, leaf, root and flowers. Some of them indeed can help improve damaged kidney function.

Chinese rhubarb tea may be useful in end-stage kidney disease, helping to prolong your life by slowing down the progression of kidney failure.

Celery is used for diuresis naturally. Tea made with celery seed could help remove wastes and toxins from the body by increasing urination.

Marshmallow root tea possesses properties, which may be helpful in flushing kidney stones and treating urethritis.

Kidney disease patients usually have the following symptoms, including: edema, poor appetite, vomiting or nausea and anemia. In this light, patients with these symptoms can drink Alfalfa tea properly.


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