Is Egg Good for People with High Creatinine

Is Egg Good or Bad for People with High CreatinineOur diet affect our serum creatinine level, so for people who have elevated creatinine level in blood, changing their diet
is helpful for preventing higher creatinine level.Well then, is egg  good or bad for lowering creatinine in the patients?

Eggs are considered as one common nutritious food for people. Most people who are weak or sick are suggested to take eggs for energy supplements. Then are they also suitable for people with high creatinine levels?

Now we can know that people with high creatinine level can eat eggs. But compared with egg yolk, kidney disease patients are advised to eat egg white. Egg white is almost pure protein, and is widely considered to be the most bioavailable and digestible source of protein. What is more, the white of egg offers a fat and cholesterol-free dietary alternative.

Egg white is recommended for kidney disease patients, as egg white is high quality protein food. We know the waste product of protein is urea nitrogen and eating too much protein will increase kidney burden, which can thus cause further increase of serum creatinine level and BUN level.Therefore, when it comes to protein and kidney disease, egg white is usually recommended.



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