High Creatinine Levels Can without Dialysis

High Creatinine Levels Can without Dialysis


High creatinine level is a common sign for Kidney Disease.Dialysis is a common treatment to lower high creatinine levels, especially the creatinine level is higher than 5mg/dl.Can dialysis reduce creatinine level?Here are some most commonly asked questions for high creatinine and dialysis for your information.

Creatinine is the by-product of muscular activity, which should be filtered out from the blood by kidneys.However, when kidneys cannot work well, its ability to remove the excessive waste products declines. As a result, the toxins build up in your blood, causing High Creatinine Level and High BUN levels etc. Actually, whether dialysis is required or not, it depends on a personal condition. Even in same creatinine level, one patient may be suggested with dialysis and the other one may be not.In other words, dialysis just works as a kidney replacement tool to remove the toxins.there are many other alternative treatments which help lower high creatinine levels. such as:

1.Healthy diet. Especially a low-protein diet is commonly recommended to patients with high creatinine levels.

2.Chinese Herbal Medicine helps boost the blood circulation, which supplies the damaged kidney cells and tissues with more blood and oxygen, as well as improve their self-cure ability.

3.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is a new development of Chinese herbal medicines, but used externally. Kidney disease patients just need to lie on the bed to take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.


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