Can I Drink Green Tea with CKD Stage 3

Can I Drink Green Tea with CKD Stage 3

Green Tea

Can you drink green tea with chronic kidney disease(CKD) stage 3?Green tea has many healthy benefits and has been popular among people for thousand of years. However, can patients with stage 3Chronic Kidney Disease drink green tea?Follow me to find the answer.

For those that have stage 3 CKD caused by diabetes, drinking tea is especially good. A study has found that drinking green tea can help reduce cell and tissue damages because the anti-oxidants in the teas can help reduce the cellular wastes produced by the free radical damages.Green tea is from unfermented leaves and is high concentration of poly phenol. This works as a very powerful antioxidant which helps lower cholesterol and increase HDL. Really, green tea has various benefits for human health.

In addition, green tea also help prevent the formation of kidney stones.Drinking green tea can help you prevent the development of kidney stones made from calcium oxalate crystals. Calcium oxalate is a substance in food that produces kidney stones.

Although the above two healthy benefits are beneficial to CKD patients, they should drink green tea properly or ask for their doctor to tell them how much green tea they can drink. If they drink too much, it can aggravate their illness conditions.


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