What Causes Low Creatinine Levels

What Causes Low Creatinine Levels in UrineLow Creatinine Levels are due to many reasons such as low protein content in the diet, pregnancy, reduced muscle mass, liver diseases such as hepatitis, hemochromatosis, Wilson’s diseases, and fatty liver disease.

Diets that are low in protein can cause low creatinine levels. Foods that are high in creatine phosphate include salmon, pork, tuna and beef, all of which are high in protein. Because these foods are not included in a low-protein diet, there is less creatine phosphate to break down, resulting in reduced creatinine levels.

Liver problem. This is another cause for low creatinine levels. If you happen to suffer from liver problem, such as hepatitis, or fatty liver disease, you may find the answer for low creatinine level. Liver affects the creatinine productions.

-Pregnancy. In the second trimester, many mother-to-be may undergo low creatinine levels. After the birth, creatinine levels will increase gradually and back to normal range.

I hope that this information helps you understand the causes of a low creatinine level.


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