How Long do People Live with ESRD

How Long do People Live with ESRD


End-stage renal disease , also known as kidney failure, is the condition in which the kidneys have failed to the point that life can not be sustained without resort to dialysis or transplantation. This is usually when the kidneys have lost 85-90% of their normal function.

Dialysis or transplantation is the only effective life-prolonging treatment for ESRD. Without treatment all patients with ESRD will die

The average life span for ESRD(end-stage renal disease) patients who have started dialysis is 4.25 years and about 23% patients can live as long as 10 years with dialysis. However, for these ESRD patients who have stopped dialysis, they will lose their life within 4 weeks.

Dialysis does not cure ESRD. Kidney function does not return while on dialysis. Dialysis will need to be continued unless you receive a kidney transplant.Although dialysis helps to prolong ESRD patients’ life span, it is not a long-term solution. Dialysis is performed with a machine which can filter blood and meanwhile discharge toxins. It helps to purify blood, but can not repair damaged kidney. Therefore, once ESRD patients start dialysis, they need to do it repeatedly.


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