Can i drinking coffee with Renal Failure

coffee image


Caffeine may be the most common drug in the human food supply. That mug of breakfast coffee, the cup of tea in the afternoon and the energy drink or cola on a hot day all contain caffeine. You may think of caffeine as a mild stimulant and use it for that purpose, but caffeine affects the whole body, including your kidneys.

For those that have normal kidney functions, drinking moderate amount of coffee may not cause any damages to their kidneys and they will not develop renal failure even when they drink a lot of coffees occasionally. However for those that have already developed renal failure, drinking coffee does have certain impact on worsening their kidney functions.

Coffee is one of the most common drink throughout the world. Coffee contains rich caffeine, which can increase blood pressure and cholesterol, aggravate arteriosclerosis. This will increase the risk to develop the complications of Kidney Failure, such heart attack and stroke etc.

In addition, too much intake of coffee will cause quick increase of cortisol and epinephrine which will worsen kidney failure. What is more, coffee will cause sleep disorder and this will further lower the immunity.

Thereby, patients with kidney failure is not suggested to take coffee.


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