Healthy Diet for Lupus Nephritis

Lupus Nephritis Diet

Lupus Nephritis Diet

Although eating healthy foods can not cure Lupus Nephritis, certain dietary choices may help reduce symptoms and slow down your disease progression.That is to say, Lupus Nephritis Patients have to know what food they can eat and what food they can not eat.

Eat the foods with high quality protein, such as egg white, lean meat and milk and so on. Because for patients with lupus nephritis, lots of protein is leaked into urine, leading to hypoproteinemia. Thus these people need to ingest enough high quality protein.

Lupus Nephritis patients often have poor appetite. For a long time, their health conditions may become very bad due to malnutrition. In this case, they can eat some grapes or raisin which is helpful for them to regain health, which is because in grapes there are various nutritional ingredients, like protein, amino acid and mineral substances.

Avoid eating seafood. Many lupus nephritis patients have allergic phenomenon when they eat these seafoods. This is because most of patients have high allergic constitution, eating seafoods can induce or worsen illness condition.

Avoid the foods which can cause light sensitiveness, such as caraway, celery, fig, rape, etc. This kind food can damage patient’s faeial erythema, leading to the illness condition worsened.


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