Diet for Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD)

Managing a healthy Polycystic Kidney Disease diet play a major role in preserving kidney health and retarding the progression of kidney damages. Low-sodium diet is suggested for the kidneys regulate blood pressure. Low-protein diet is beneficial for those who do not have advanced kidney disease. Other recommendations include limiting fat intake to maintain a healthy weight.

Green Pepper Image

Green Pepper

Green pepper is rich in nutrients and the loved vegetables among people all year around. However, can people with polycystic kidney disease eat green pepper.

When you had polycystic kidney disease, there are multiple kidney cysts in both kidneys. As cysts growth, they will damage your kidney nephron and gradually bring damage to your kidney function. And polycystic kidney disease patients, in addition to repair injured kidney function, they should also have a healthy diet which is also important to slow down or even stop the progression into renal failure.

White radish Image

White radish

White radish is one familiar vegetable and it is of high nutrition and medical values. It has some benefits to polycystic kidney disease patients.

White radish contains rich vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C which have the functions of antioxidant, inhibiting cancer and preventing arteriosclerosis. White radish also contains high diet fibers which is very good for PKD.


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